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Facilitating Alternative Agro-food Networks: Stakeholder Perspectives on Research Needs.

The FAAN project will run until March 2010 and documents, photographs and news items related to the project will be added to the site.

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Local Food systems in Europe – Case studies from five countries and what they imply for policy and practice

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This report summarises the main findings, which are based on qualitative empirical research of 10 case studies, two in each of the countries, and it includes recommendations about policy changes that would be necessary to strengthen Local Food Systems in future. These changes include: support for setting up cooperative networks and infrastructure; greater knowledge exchange; more local sourcing in public procurement; more appropriate funding; and the more flexible adaptation of over-burdensome legal regulations (e.g. distinguishing rules for products for different markets); and ensuring that the Leader programme maintains its bottom-up character, along with a territorial approach linking urban consumers with rural producers. By recognising and valuing LFS and for their societal opportunities and benefits, authorities could take responsibility for improving and linking relevant policies.

FAAN workshop - Local Food Systems: practices and strategies

On Monday 22 February 2010 (Brussels), the FAAN project held a workshop on Local Food Systems.
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The workshop was designed to provide an opportunity for interested stakeholders to discuss practices and strategies of developing local food systems. The discussions were structured around the findings of the research project, ‘Facilitating Alternative Agro-Food Networks (FAAN)

Thank you to everyone who attended the workshop and helped to make it a great success. Below you can access the workshop report, photographs of the day and Powerpoint presentations .


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One workshop participant Bernd Wulf has sent feedback he would like to share with everyone.