What is the FAAN project?

FAAN is a project, which engages academics and civil society organisations (CSOs) in a ‘co-operative research’ (CR) activity and in future research agenda-setting on ‘Alternative Agro-Food Networks’ (AAFNs).
The project has five academic institutions and five CSO partners dealing with alternative agriculture and rural development from 5 EU member states. They co-operatively carry out research with stakeholders using amongst other tools semi-structured interviews, focus group discussions and scenario analysis workshops to:

  • analyse how current policies (on the European, national and regional levels) facilitate or impede the development of AAFNs, and how policy frameworks could better facilitate them.
  • identify further research needs relevant for AAFNs and thus to inform future research agendas.
  • analyse how AAFNs link types of innovation – organisational, cultural, economic and technological – as a basis to broaden EU research policies on the ‘knowledge-based bio- economy’.

Two key strands of the FAAN project are Co-operative Research and Alternative Agri-Food Networks. You can find out more about these by following the links.

The FAAN project started in February 2008 and will run to March 2010.

In order to achieve the aims and objectives of the FAAN project, the overall effort has been divided into five work packages dedicated to research activities and three additional work packages for dissemination, evaluation and management strategies.